A successful academic year (2016-17)

It has been a productive year for the SHARP team, counting the following among its accomplishments:

  • New National Institute of Aging (NIH) grant support to focus on the Science of Behavior Change (through a sub-contract with the Resource Coordinating Center, based at Columbia University, New York, NY).
  • New funding from CLAS’s Bennett Fund to focus on interpersonal violence.
  • New funding from InCHIP and UConn-Health’s Department of Psychiatry to focus on placebo responding in antidepressant trials.
  • Two members of the team received undergraduate grants: Michaela Mato and Taylor Mangini; two completed undergraduate grants and presented their work at UConn poster sessions: Stephanie Lin and Benjamin White.
  • Two graduate students received prestigious Farber Awards to support their graduate training: Natasza Marrouch and Kiran McCloskey.
  • Rebecca Acabchuk, Emily Hennessy, Natasza Marrouch each published articles this year, many in collaboration with SHARP lab leader Blair Johnson.
  • There are many new members on the SHARP team in the last 12 to 15 months (see our names and photos here).
  • Finally, congratulations Benjamin White, Stephanie Lin, Allison Fusaro, and Rachel Takes, who each graduated in the May 2017 commencement. We’ll miss you!