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Bottom: Topics of prominent articles published in Social Science & Medicine (Johnson & Acabchuk, 2017)

The Health Psychology Editorial Office of Social Science & Medicine

Social Science & Medicine’s (SSM) editorial office focused on health psychology has been located at UConn since 2014, with Professor Johnson as its Senior Editor.

Aims and Scope for Manuscripts

SSM’s Health Psychology editorial office welcomes empirical papers (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) and systematic reviews or meta-analyses. We are most interested in topics related to psychological, social, and structural aspects of health for important populations around the world. For examples of past articles, featuring in-depth, critical social science research, please see those highlighted in this overview: ‘What are the keys to a longer, happier life? Answers from five decades of health psychology research.’

We strongly recommend that prospective authors examine manuscript guidelines and tips for submissions available here. Another Senior Editor for the journal, UCLA Sociology Professor Stefan Timmermans, has written a helpful editorial addressing How to Get Published in Social Science & Medicine. University of Roehampton Social Anthropology Professor Kirsten Bell has written an interesting history of the  journal, available hereLike Prof. Timmermans, this office’s decision to put a manuscript under peer review is based on an overall combination of subject matter, methodology, theory, and contribution to the social science literature, and in the case of this office, especially emphasizing health psychology. Each month,  the Health Psychology office receives about 100 manuscripts.

  SSMHealth Psychology Editorial Office Staff

Blair T. Johnson (March, 2016, Storrs, CT)Senior Editor:
Prof. Blair T. Johnson


Rebecca AcabchukEditorial Associate:

Rebecca L. Acabchuk, Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Editorial assistant:

Lisset Martinez-Berman, B.A., University of Connecticut

Bariş Sevi

Editorial assistant: Baris Sevi, M.A., M.S., University of Connecticut

Savannah L. Ngo
Editorial Assistant:
Savannah L. Ngo

Gabrielle Ger
Editorial Assistant:
Gabrielle K. Ger
Seema Patel
Editorial Assistant:
Seema Patel
Julie M. BrissonEditorial assistant: Julie M. Brisson

For any questions regarding the publication process, please view our publication’s Social Science & Medicine webpage.

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