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Social Science & Medicine (SSM) Health Psychology

The Health Psychology Editorial Office of Social Science & Medicine

Social Science & Medicine’s editorial office focused on health psychology has been located at UConn since 2014, with Professor Johnson as its Senior Editor.

Aims and Scope for Manuscripts

This editorial office most often accepts empirical papers (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) and systematic reviews or meta-analyses and is interested in topics related to structural, social, and psychological aspects of health around the world. Such topics include but are not restricted to: health behavior and health behavior change interventions; patient-provider interaction; child health and nutrition; mental health (as a social science phenomenon); discrimination and stigma; and psychosocial and environmental aspects of obesity, cancer, and other health problems. Manuscripts that receive low priority include studies with findings that are descriptive, with findings that do not significantly advance existing literature, with a narrow or specialized focus, with scale validation on a new population, that use samples of narrow interest (e.g., undergraduate participants), without a strong health variable (e.g., focusing on self-esteem or satisfaction outcomes) or with insufficient social science content.

We strongly recommend that prospective authors examine manuscript guidelines and tips for submissions available here. Another Senior Editor for the journal, UCLA Sociology Professor Stefan Timmermans, has written a helpful editorial addressing How to Get Published in Social Science & Medicine. Like Prof. Timmermans, this office’s decision to send an empirical manuscript for peer review is based on an overall combination of subject matter, methodology, theory, and contribution to the social science literature, especially health psychology. This section of the journal typically receives about 100 manuscripts a month.

  Health Psychology Editorial Office Staff

Blair T. Johnson (March, 2016, Storrs, CT)

Senior Editor: Prof. Blair T. Johnson




Emily Alden HennessyEditorial Associate: Emily Alden Hennessy, Ph.D.

 Rebecca AcabchukEditorial Associate: Rebecca L. Acabchuk, Ph.D. Assistant Editors include:

    1. Mark L. Hatzenbuehler, Columbia University, 2014-2017
    2. Flora Cornish, London School of Economics, 2015-2017

Katherine SypherEditorial Assistant: Katherine Sypher

Akshayaa ChittibabuEditorial Assistant: Akshayaa Chittibabu Kathrine Grant, English, UConn (2019)Editorial Assistant: Kathrine Grant

Emma Atkinson

Editorial Assistant: Emma Atkinson

For any questions regarding the publication process, please view our publication’s Social Science and Medicine webpage.

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