RHAM Mindfulness Study: 30-Day Meditation Challenge

This March, researchers from the University of Connecticut’s SHARP Lab are working together with AHM Youth Services and RHAM Peer Helpers to conduct a study on meditation in high school students to reduce stress. While many studies show that meditation can be beneficial, we are interested in finding out what are the best strategies for high school students to learn how to meditate.  The design of our trial program is a “30-day meditation challenge”, that includes the following:


In this study, students will be asked to:

  • 1. Return signed parent consent form to Guidance Office
    • PRINT HERE, or pick up consent form at Guidance Office
  • 2. Attend a Kick-off meeting on Wed Feb 27, 2:15-3:30pm in the Fish Bowl, where you will be taught mindfulness meditation by an experienced instructor;  fill out baseline questionnaire.
  • 3. Participate in a 4-week self-directed meditation program
    • Meditate 10 minutes per day, every day, using the free app Insight Timer, or using the mindfulness meditation tools taught at the kick-off meeting
  • 4. Attend a Debriefing meeting on Wed April 3, 2:15-3:30pm in the Fish Bowl to discuss benefits, challenges, and ideas to improve the program; fill out satisfaction survey and share screen-times.

If you have any questions, you may contact us at UConn.mindfulness.studies@gmail.com. Further information about the study requirements and time commitment can be found here.

This study is in the process of being submitted to UConn’s IRB for approval, links to the website will be updated soon.

Thank you for your interest!

Study coordinator:  Rebecca L. Acabchuk, PhD

Principal investigator: Blair T. Johnson, PhD