Current SHARP Lab Members

UConn (Summer 2020; last updated, 28 July 2020)

Blair T. Johnson, Ph.D., Professor;  Director, SHARP Lab; Senior Editor, SSM

Becky Acabchuk
Rebecca L. Acabchuk, Ph.D. (Physiology and Neurobiology, UConn, 2016), Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Emily Alden Hennessy, Ph.D. (Community Research and Action, Vanderbilt University, 2017), Assistant Research Professor

Kiran McCloskeyKiran McCloskey,  M.S., Doctoral Student, Social Psychology (Advisor: Blair T. Johnson Christine Curley

Christine Curley, M.S., Doctoral Student, Social Psychology (Advisor: Blair T. Johnson)

Bariş SeviBariş Sevi, M.A., M.S., Doctoral Student, Social Psychology (Co-Advisors: Natalie J. Shook and Blair T. Johnson)  

Lisset Martinez-Berman
Lisset Martinez-Berman, Doctoral Student, Social Psychology (Advisor: Blair T. Johnson); Editorial Assistant, SSM
Emily A. Burke

Emily A. Burke, Individualized Major in Youth Development and Wellness, UConn (2020), Editorial Assistant, SSM

Allan Quade, Crime, Law, and Justice, Honors Program, Pre-Law, UConn (2020), Research Assistant Julie M. Brisson

Julie M. Brisson, Human Development and Family Studies and Psychological Sciences, Honors Program, UConn (2021); Editorial Assistant, SSM and Psychological Bulletin; Research Assistant

Gabrielle GerGabrielle Ger,
Psychological Sciences and Music, Honors Program, UConn (2021), Editorial Assistant, SSM; Research Assistant

Joshua Lovett-Graff
Joshua Lovett-Graf, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Chemical Engineering; Honors Program, UConn (2021), Research Assistant
Grace Carey Grace Carey, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (2021), Research Assistant Sundari BirdsallSundari Birdsall, Masters of Social Work/Masters of Public Health, UConn (2021), Research Assistant Will Roser

Will Roser, Psychological Sciences, UConn (2022), Editorial Assistant, SSM; Research Assistant

Seema PatelSeema Patel, Molecular and Cell Biology, Pre-Med, UConn (2022),  Editorial Assistant, SSM Andrew Robel

Andrew F. Robel, Biological Sciences (2022), Research Assistant

Emilie KarovicEmilie Karovic, Psychological Sciences and Molecular & Cell Biology, STEM Honors Program, UConn (2022), Research Assistant Justin LeJustin Le, Molecular and Cell Biology, minor  in Neuroscience (2022), Research Assistant Gregory J. Champion, M.A., Research Associate

Guillermo Rincón, International Relations Major; Finance minor; Connecticut College (2020)

Other People: Numerous colleagues at UConn and elsewhere have collaborated and continue to collaborate on SHARP research projects. See Alumni page for a full list of past SHARP members and profiles of recent alumni.