UConn Well-Being Study

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#UConnBeWell Study


UConn Students, grad students and post-docs are invited to participate in the #UConnBeWell Study that is being conducted to understand how UConn students are coping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Study information:

The study consists of a series of brief surveys that will ask questions about:

  • social, physical, and mental health and well-being,
  • pre-existing conditions,
  • health behaviors,
  • coping strategies,
  • communication strategies and patterns.

How the surveys work:

There is one initial survey, that will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and includes participant registration.

Then, registered participants will receive a text link to 3 mini-surveys per week that will take approx. 5 min each. The link to the mini-surveys will be sent via text on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and each link will be active until the next mini-survey arrives.

Mini-surveys will continue until September 1, 2020, or later, to collect data over time on the impact of the pandemic on student well-being.

Raffle information:

After completing the initial survey, participants will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Additional raffles will take place every week of the study, and each participants’ name will be entered in the weekly raffles for each mini-survey they complete.

Raffle winners will be contacted by the researchers, and gift cards will be sent via email.


All data collected during this research study will be kept confidential: survey responses will be kept separately from name/email/phone number, to protect confidentiality, and will be destroyed when the study has been completed.

Why this study is important:

UConn students will have the opportunity to provide input about the challenges of dealing with this pandemic and suggestions for services at UConn that could help address those challenges. We will be sharing a summary of our findings with UConn administrators, so they can figure out ways to better meet students’ needs.

We believe that this is a very timely and important study that will help students, researchers, administrators and the larger UConn community to come together for mutual understanding, cooperation, and solidarity in times of an unprecedented public health crisis. 

Study goals are to:

  • to understand the health, wellness, and financial challenges associated with the pandemic,
  • identify potential strategies that UConn can use to support students during the pandemic, and
  • contribute to the science of pandemics.


Thank you for your support

#UConnBeWell Study



Principal Investigators:

Saraswathi Bellur-Thandaveshwara, PhD; Rebecca Acabchuk, PhD; Emily A. Hennessy, PhD; Keith Bellizzi, PhD. MPH


Deborah Cornman, PhD; Blair T. Johnson, PhD; David Ouimette, MA; Crystal L. Park, PhD; Linda Pescatello, PhD; Mary-Jeanne Raleigh, PhD; Leslie Snyder, PhD; Gregory Champion, MA; Kaleigh Ligus, MA; Emily Fritzson, BA


InCHIP COVID-19 Rapid Response Seed Funding

IRB Information:

 UConn IRB PROTOCOL L20-0026 APPROVED [05/18/20]

Questions, please email: wellbeing.survey@uconn.edu


For links to remote Well-Being Services and Resources for students, click HERE